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    GunSport PRO Earplugs

    GSP-15 Electronic Earplugs are for gun sport enthusiasts who need protection from firearm blasts, but also need protection from loud continuous noise from vehicles, machinery or repeated gunfire from nearby shooters. Improves distance detection up to 5X. GunSport PRO electronic earplugs are designed for gun sport enthusiasts in the field or at the range where enhanced awareness, clear communication and blast protection are desired.

    GSP-15 electronic earplugs allow natural hearing when no background noise is present and gradually protect from loud continuous noise from vehicles, machinery or gunfire from nearby shooters. At the flip of a switch sound is amplified, improving distance detection up to five times for enhanced awareness. GSP-15 electronic earplugs use Etymotic's ACCU-Technology with high-definition balanced-armature drivers, high-sensitivity microphones and proprietary wide-dynamic-range compression K-AMP signal processing.

    Designed for:

    • Gun sport enthusiasts
    • Professional shooters
    • Guides and instructors
    • Hunters

    Dual Mode Switch

    Natural Hearing + Blast Protection Mode

    • Allows natural hearing until blast occurs
    • Provides 15 dB of automatic hearing protection when noise exceeds safe levels
    • Protects from blasts

    Hearing Enhancement + Blast Protection Mode

    • Amplifies up to 5X
    • Protects from blasts